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Engage your viewers through social video networking is a little different than engaging your readers through internet marketing. Where there is little emphasis put on social networking through regular website internet marketing, social video marketing is much different.

About 90 percent of people viewing your videos have a Facebook, Twitter and MySpace account. The other ten will eventually sign up for one of the three accounts or may have an account they rarely use.

Engaging your viewers both through video and social media is important if you are basing a majority of your business through videos.

Video itself is considered a social interaction. Youtube, MetaCafe are all social engaging. They cause a viewer to feel something. Whether it is happiness, sadness or any other kind of emotion, you are engaging your viewers in some way. The more videos you create and the longer you are on a channel, the more trust and viewers you will receive.

Once you have your viewers you are going to want to keep in contact with them. They will have a connection with you. Taking your marketing efforts a step further and engaging your viewers where they spend a majority of their internet time, will close the circle and build a loyalty that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. The best thing about all this is it is free. You don’t have to spend a penny to build that strong bond between you, your viewers and your videos.

A large majority of your viewers are actively connected through the internet 24/7. You will be able to engage them at all hours of the day through three different ways, home computer, cell/mobile phone or IPad/tablet. If you have a new video that you would like your viewers to know about, you could have over 100,000 viewers within a few hours of uploading your video just by sending an update to your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace account. It is that simple to get views.

Keep in mind that your videos have to be of the highest quality, full of engaging content and focused on a single topic. Research your topic well before shooting the video and give your viewers something that they will enjoy. Use your own unique personality to engage your audience. The more videos you make the more viewers, subscribers and friends will find a connection to you and your videos.

Shooting videos can be a fun way to market your own unique views, products and services. They are engaging, entertaining and profitable if done correctly.

Engaging your viewers through social media is one of easiest ways to get your videos to go viral, boost your opt-ins and make sales. In the future I will posting information on how to make a bit of money with your videos and attract a lot of viewers. It is not as hard as it seems and one of the most powerful way to spread your information through the internet.

If you come here from Youtube, you can take a look at the Camtasia software I was talking about here: Camtasia Studio. This is not an affiliate link and I make no money from you clicking or buying the software. It is the same software I use and highly recommend it. The software comes in both PC and Mac flavors and the cost is in the upper $200 dollars…Enjoy!

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