Who is Mark Dulisse?


Mark Dulisse

Mark Dulisse is not only a great guy, but a hell of a internet marketer. He has masterminded a number of big ticket item releases, as well as a number of other smaller releases. He always provide a tremendous amount of value into every product he releases.

Who is Mark Dulisse

Mark Dulisse is a internet marketer who goes about his business a little different than most marketers. He does business similar to how I go about doing business. He likes to train and provide free content to his viewers and guests. He believes that the amount of value he provides should not only help you succeed in business, but also give you that little advantage over all the others out there.

\"MarkWho is Mark Dulisse?

That little advantage is what makes or breaks a marketer. When you have a little more insight than the next guy, you are in a lot better position to become successful. Mark has a number of different products on the market.

Dominating Google – To help you dominate in Google, Mark is giving away a free SEO Plugin for WordPress. click on the link to grab this free powerful plugin.

Dominating Video – Now to get in on this course you will need to first purchase TubeFool. This course is considered a big ticket item. If you just starting out and do not have $500 to invest, then I would recommend first starting out with PLR Niche Profits before graduating to Dominating Video.

PLR Niche Profits – I just purchased this course and it is well worth the money. Mark released this at a very affordable price, yet the amount of information he is providing is worth way more than he is charging. If you are interested in techniques not found anywhere else, then this is the course to get into. If you are new to internet marketing, grab this product first before moving on to Mark’s other products.

TubeFool – A great standalone application for anyone that wants to use YouTube to market videos. No other tools comes close to what this one can do for you. Take a look at what it can do…

Premium Video Sitemap – This builds a video sitemap for you automatically. I use this plugin for the website you are on right now and I highly recommend it. It will get you more traffic over time. It has worked for every site I have added it to and I am confident it can work for yours.

I own every one of the products above and highly recommend them to everyone. Mark is one of those A+ Marketers. I only follow a handful of marketers and Mark is one of them. The only thing that you will have to get use to is Mark’s very causal way of communicating and his presentation style. If you can get pass that and just focus on what he is teaching, then you will be well ahead of the pack. I have had a lot of success with Mark’s internet marketing courses and tools. I know you will get a lot out of them as well.

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